CAPRICORN – GOATS (December 22 – January 20)

Zetongifts – Quiet, Diligent and Ambitious, Materialist, High Prestige, Likes to Order, Likes to Use Others

Lucky Numbers: 1, 12, 19, 25, 37, 46

Lucky Scents: Honey, Tulips

The Circling Planet : Saturn

Lucky Flowers: Moss, Ivy

Lucky Colors: Black, Brown

Lucky Stones: Black Pearl

Lucky Elements: Land

Matched Partners: Cancer

Capricorns are very determined

The male goat always wants to achieve and strive for something. They have a strong desire and are used to achieve a sense of security. They are very steady in taking steps like the Mountain Goats. Work capacity and enormous conviction.

They are alert and rarely ask for help from others. They like to do everything by themselves. They like to be slaves to themselves and do not trust others in doing their job. His personality is very sensitive and in dire need of appreciation from others.

Capricorn has the stability to achieve the goal. Never give up until the last drop of blood. Their ability to plan, combined with strength, stamina and a strong work ethic always leads them to be victorious. Persuasive manner makes it easier to get support from others. Sagitarius is materialistic, but does not like the excessive life.

Capricorn Romance

Tends to be sexy and determined when it comes to love and relationships. They do not receive no as answer. So, if you are the target of his love, be careful. They will drag you before them with their strength and charm. Love is a necessity for this sign and once they get it, they treat it like a treasure. Capricorn is very loyal as long as his partner is always willing to help him.

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