Some Surprising Facts About Satan

ZetogiftsSatan is an evil being and an enemy of God in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Satan is traditionally understood as an angel who rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven along with other angels before the creation of man. All three religions also see Satan as the cause of Adam’s expulsion from heaven. Many people question the presence of Satan. In addition to plunging humans into doing evil, Satan also always tries to send humans to hell. There are many mystical stories and myths that haunt the ears of the public. The following are facts about Satan.

Satan Doesn’t Kill

In the movies, the devil is the main character who is depicted as easily killing humans. Actually the devil does not kill, unless humans have allied with the devil so that humans enter their nature and the devil kills the human. Because basically, the devil was created only to tempt humans, not to kill.

Demon Forms Are Not Real

The form of the subtle being is not real, nor can its shape be described with certainty, because it is made of fire and fire has no definite form. Forms such as Genderuwo, Wewe Gombel, and Pocong are the devil’s strengths in changing forms. In essence, they shape their figure like that to disturb people so that they are afraid and slowly influenced by their faith. Unlike the stealth that appears as a result of human treats with the supernatural.

Can’t Approach Less Than One Meter

At this time there is no fact that states how far demons are able to approach humans. If you can’t get close to one meter, how come a trance can happen? This can happen if humans have a faith that is not strong enough or the human being is in alliance with the devil. Possession of spirits is indeed difficult to explain by common sense, if according to medicine, people who are possessed are the result of psychological turmoil that the brain is unable to contain so that it enters the subconscious.

Giggle Laugh

The demon will giggle when he sees humans running away to see his hideous form. It is said that this is because he is laughing at humans who have a higher degree than any creature, but are afraid of demons who have lower degrees.

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