Feng Shui Lucky Direction Shop / Office

Zetongifts – When deciding the direction and position facing your shop / office, you must first consider the effect that will be generated. The direction and position of your shop/office can affect your luck and balance in life in Feng Shui. In the science of Feng Shui there are eight attributes or cardinal directions which when achieved in a balanced state will produce good luck. The following is the meaning of lucky direction and position facing the shop/office based on Feng Shui.

East direction

If the shop/office faces East, it means good luck in the health sector. This growth fortune can serve as an accumulator. You can open a shop/office that sells medical devices, pharmacies, herbs, therapy services. The most important element of the East direction is related to health.

Southeast direction

Shops/offices facing Southeast identify with wealth. A shop/office that is oriented to the southeast means a balance of wealth that continues to grow. The trade area for this Southeast facing shop/office is quite universal. Maybe, you deserve to consider the line of business.

South direction

The shop/office is identified with luck, popularity, respect, blamelessness, recognition, and power. This means that shops/offices facing south have the potential to sell services. You may consider trading in legal or consulting services.

Southwest direction

The Shop/Office with the Southwest direction will lead to the luck of romance, romance, and family harmony. It is synonymous with women. Selling women’s necessities, from clothing, accessories, to those related to wedding supplies, you should consider this shop/office facing the Southwest.

West direction

The shop/office facing west represents family luck, offspring, and children’s luck. West facing shop/office is suitable for those of you who trade in the needs of young families and equipment for children.

Northwest direction

The Shop/Office with the Northwest direction is interpreted as help from the sky, leadership, authority, influence, family power, and work. This is synonymous with contributing in terms of the economy. Trading in any field for shops/offices facing the Northwest is very prospective.

North direction

The shop/office with the north direction is synonymous with career luck, business, and other luck. Shops/Offices facing North are the main sectors in all directions. Similar to the Northwest and Southeast directions, this north-facing shophouse has universal luck. That is, whatever field of trading you are involved in will bring a lucky impact.


Northeast direction shop/office is synonymous with education and business luck in life. If you want to be successful in business, you can choose a shop/office in this direction. The business referred to here, for example, is a bookstore, courses, and so on. However, in particular the Northeast direction brings great opportunities for trading in the fields of educational equipment, educational services, and the forex or stock trading business.

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