Flag at Half Mast in Memory of Bob Dole

Zetongifts – The passing of former US senator and former Republican presidential nominee, Robert J. Dole, otherwise known as Bob Dole, leaves a deep sorrow for the top brass and politicians of the United States.

President Joe Biden ordered the flying of the flag at half-mast in honor of the World War II veteran who served as a civil servant all his life, who died Sunday.

“Bob is one of America’s greatest statesmen in its history. A war hero among the greatest of the Greatest Generation. For me, he is also a friend I can rely on for conversations and sometimes what he says calms tense nerves,” Biden said in a statement. as quoted from ABC News , Monday (6/12).

“I’m going to miss that friend of mine,” he continued.

Biden ordered US flags at the White House, federal buildings, military posts, naval stations, embassies and consulates, to fly flags at half-mast until December 9.

In Biden’s eyes, Dole is a man that Americans admire. He has an unmistakable sense of integrity and honor.

“May God bless him, and may our nation take advantage of the timeless legacy of decency, dignity, good humor and patriotism,” he said.

The expression of joy was also conveyed by former President Barack Obama. According to him, Dole was a war hero, a political leader, and a statesman who put the country above the party.

“He was an intelligent man, whose sharp wit was matched only by his integrity. He lived his life in a way that made it clear how proud he was to be an American,” Obama said.

Dole was born in Kansas, July 22, 1923. During his 36-year career on Capitol Hill, Dole was one of the most influential legislators and party leaders in the Senate.

During his tenure Dole shaped tax policy, foreign policy, agriculture and nutrition programs and the rights for people with disabilities, enshrines protection against discrimination in employment, education and public service in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Dole devoted his last years to helping the struggles of wounded veterans, their comrades who died at Arlington National Cemetery, and remembering the fading generation of World War II veterans.

Dole has tried three times to win the presidency of the United States. The last time was in 1996, when he won the Republican nomination, unfortunately at that time the winner was the incumbent, President Bill Clinton.

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