Interesting Facts About Kim Jong Un

Zetongifts – Kim Jong-un is the highest leader in North Korea since December 28, 2011. He is the son of Kim Jong-il and the grandson of Kim Il-sung.

Until now, Kim Jong-un’s past is still a mystery because many cannot prove it. But according to reports published in Japanese newspapers, Kim had attended school in Bern, Switzerland.

Here, Fact Check Team has 6 interesting facts about Kim Jong-un that are rarely known:

Mysterious Birth Date

Until now, no one knows when Kim Jong-un was born. In fact, on the Wikipedia site, it is not explained when Kim Jong-un was first on Earth.

Some outside media say Kim Jong-un was born on January 8 or July 6, 1982, maybe 1983 or maybe 1984. However, no one can confirm the truth.

In addition, the North Korean leader’s childhood is still a mystery. Kim Jong-unĀ  never published his childhood photos.


Kim Jong-un has a unique and funny haircut, namely a simple military-style haircut. This haircut was imitated by Brad Pitt when he was an actor in the 2015 film Fury. Jong-un’s haircut looks strange because he uses it in the wrong way, which does not match the shape of his face.

Although it looks strange, Kim Jong-un’s hairstyle is very popular in North Korea and is known for his “ambition” cut. According to a BBC report from Radio Free Asia, students are now required to have a hairstyle like Kim Jong-un’s.

Ever Made a Girlband

On July 7, 2012, Kim Jong-un was apparently involved in the creation of a North Korean girl group called the Moranbong Band. This is the first girl group in North Korea.

They consist of five North Korean women chosen by Kim Jong-un. In addition to choosing members, Kim Jong-un is also claimed to have composed several songs for the Queen of North Korean K-pop, such as O My Motherland Full of Hope, Our Father and We Think of the Marshall Day and Night.

One thing that distinguishes the Moranbong Band from South Korean girl groups is that they play their own musical instruments, ranging from electric violins, cellos, keyboards, drums, guitars, saxophones, and synthesizers.

Ever had plastic surgery

At the age of 27, Kim Jong-un had plastic surgery. However, he has his own reasons for doing plastic surgery on his face.

Usually, people do plastic surgery to look handsome or beautiful. However, Kim Jong-un did that to make his face look similar to his grandfather, Kim Il Sung.

He also changed the part of his eyebrows. Kim Jong-un made his eyebrows shorter to look the same as his father, Kim Jong-il.

Idols Michael Jordan

Kim Jong-un really likes basketball. In fact, he reportedly collected many posters of Michael Jordan on the walls of his dorm room while attending school in Switzerland.

In fact, mentioned by NBC News, Kim Jong-un is a hard-line fan of the Chicago Bulls. He even met Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman in early September 2013.

“He is a competitive player, very explosive. He is a game maker. He makes things happen. He hates losing. Winning is very important,” former classmate of Kim Jong-un, Nikola Kovacevic told The Mirror.

Married a Cheerleader

Kim Jong-un is married to former cheerleader and singer, Ri Sol Ju, but no one knows exactly when they got married, according to NBC News.

South Korean intelligence believes the couple may have married in 2009 and had their first child in 2010. Then, Ri Sol Ju reportedly gave birth to a daughter in 2013, and is believed to have had a third child in 2017.

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