LIBRA – SCALES (September 23 – October 23)

Zetongifts – Doubtful, Indecisive, Fair Clever Two-faced, Strong Instinct, Enchanting

Lucky Numbers: 8, 17, 22, 35, 39, 44

Lucky Scents: Peppermint, Pine, Vanilla

Surrounding Planets: Venus

Lucky Flower: Violet Flower

Lucky Color: Blue

Lucky Stone: Turquoise/Gem

Lucky Element: Air

Matching Pair: Aries

Libras are charming, unpredictable, and highly intelligent

They are cooperative and fair, but are indecisive and always seek inner peace. They are always worried on this day and always do whatever it takes to meet their needs. They like to work together rather than work alone. They are thirsty for knowledge and have a great interest in the field of public relations and psychology.

They always appear as peacemakers and rarely get angry easily, but when angry, they can make those around them tremble with fear. Libra’s taste is classic and they love the combination of simplicity and perfection.

Their hesitation was the biggest step back for them. Not only does it make them miss opportunities but it also confuses those associated with Libra. They have a strong desire to keep things in harmony and are willing to make sacrifices to get it. They have a soul of art, beauty, and plan. This all helps Libra in achieving what they have set out to do. In completing their tasks, Libra always manages to compromise and persuade others to do things according to their will.

Libra’s romance

Libras will do anything to satisfy their partner. They are attracted to beautiful/handsome individuals. Libras don’t like dirty words, frivolous appearances or bad behavior from their partners. Libras don’t like hurting other people. His majesty, generosity and charm will always attract those around him. The sense of security he gets will make him happy.

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