Ornamental Plants Antidote Witchcraft

Zetongifts – There are several kinds of ornamental plants when placed in the home can help ward off black magic or witchcraft, ornamental plants, among others:


Roses which symbolize symbol of love turned out to be one of the plants that can ward off witchcraft. Roses in particular have the property of capturing negative energy sent into your home. This energy will then be channeled by these plants to the ground. Because it channels negative energy into the ground, the placement of roses should not be planted in front of the house. When negative energy has been channeled, the part of the land planted with roses should not be stepped on or stepped on. This will help keep the negative energy on the ground and not transfer to the human body.


Plants that usually grow in this dry area, besides being very environmentally friendly and do not require complicated care, cacti also have abilities similar to roses. This thorny plant can neutralize the attacks of witchcraft and attract the energy of fortune. In contrast to roses, the placement of cacti to ward off witchcraft can be freely placed anywhere, behind, in front, or beside the house. But should not be placed in the house because it will reduce the effect.


areca nut is a type of ornamental palm that has red or reddish petals. The plant which has the Latin name Cyrtostachys Lakka is believed to be able to reduce the evil energy that is also sent in witchcraft. In fact, not only in Java alone, several other areas in Indonesia such as in Sumatra, Riau, Bengkulu also have the same belief that this plant is able to resist all forms of reinforcements and witchcraft aimed at its inhabitants. The placement of the plant which is the mascot of the city of Jambi should be placed in front of the house.

Kemuning Jawa

Kemuning is a tropical plant that can reach a height of 7 meters and flowers throughout the year. This plant has white flowers and looks like jasmine. Javanese yellow flowers are generally used as ingredients in traditional medicines that are effective in treating toothaches, urinary tract infections, ulcers, rheumatism, and so on. In this case, this Javanese yellow plant has natural powers that can reduce the influence of witchcraft. This plant can work well when placed in front of the house or terrace.

Yellow Bamboo

In contrast to large bamboo in general, this bamboo has a smaller tree trunk and a yellow color. Usually planted thickly as a fence in the yard of the house. This yellow bamboo is a plant that is quite rare, but its power in expelling demons and witchcraft is believed by many people. Even yellow bamboo is also believed to be able to prevent the evil intentions of someone who wants to steal or rob.

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