Predict The Future Through Your Date of Birth

Zetongifts – Humans are always curious about what will happen in the future. All kinds of ways are done to find out this.

One of the methods used is numerology or the science of the mystical meaning of numbers and their influence on human life.

Some people believe that by using a certain calculation formula, a person’s date of birth will reveal a person’s identity.

The results of these calculations will give a clue to a person about who he really is: strengths and weaknesses, as well as what are the things that influence his life.

Numerologist Lillian Too provides the technique. Add up the number of days, months, and years of birth. Then shorten the day, month, and year numbers to 3 single digits and add them all up.

For example, if a person was born on January 12, 1975. Add up the dates of birth, for example, 12 becomes 1+2 to get a single number, which is the number 3.

Then, determine the number of the month of birth. Since January is the first month of the 12-month calendar, the number is 1.

Then add up the years of birth, for example 1+9+7+5 to 22. These numbers are then added up again to get a single number, which is 2+2 to 4.

As a result, we get three single digits, namely 1, 3, and 4. Add them up again to get a  single number , which is 1+3+4 to make the number 8.

If the sum is 10, then delete the 0 to get a single number. However, if the final value is 11 or 22, don’t trim it again because these are special numbers.

The following relates the birth rate, nature, and occupation of a person:

Number 1

Number 1 is for those who are competitive and ambitious. The owner of this number has leadership qualities . Power and success come easily.

They have a free spirit and don’t hesitate with things in front of them. They seem to be able to rise to the top of the profession without any effort. Actually they are hard workers, but they make things seem easy.

This person has self-motivation, enthusiasm, inventiveness, and tenacity that inspire others.

Number 2

The owner of this number is most suitable if you have a partner. When they have someone to talk to and a place to ask their opinion, they are happier and more effective.

Those with the number 2 are loyal subordinates, and are better at being a supporter than a leader. They are often not ambitious when it comes to material success.

They go to great lengths to try to please their loved ones and live for the people they care about. This person is gentle by nature, full of imagination, and helpful.

They have the drive to express themselves in the creative and artistic fields.

Number 3

The number 3 has an opinion on everything. They become authoritarian leaders in highly disciplined situations such as the army, where the rules and chain of command are clear.

They are passionate about performing arts and work hard to win peer and audience awards. If given free expression, they can achieve great success.

Number 4

People with this number are emotionally sensitive and tend to see the world as always beautiful. They are optimists who tend to see the good in others.

They are usually happier than most because they do not imagine themselves being abused, insulted, or played by others.

For them, happiness is spending time with loved ones, doing things they love, or pampering themselves. They have great potential in literature and could be successful writers.

Number 5

The owner of the number 5 is a strong, balanced, and determined person. They are protective and popular and inspire and encourage others.

They tend to be enthusiastic about whatever they do, think quickly, and can sniff out bright ideas and explore opportunities.

They are successful in areas of research and communication, such as writing, teaching, or performing.

Number 6

The owner of this number is counted as a lucky person. They have an aura that sucks people close to them. They spread love and are often praised by those around them.

These people have a peaceful and calm nature, make good listeners and are respected. They are wise beyond their years, compassionate and friendly, and make good doctors , nurses, or counselors.

Number 7

When they were young, 7’s tended to be a bitch, but matured as analytical and political people and quite shrewd. They seem never tired and always want to move.

The number 7 is highly intelligent with the potential for deep and creative thinking. They are good at mathematics, so they are suitable to work in the field of science.

Number 8

If they are more focused, the owner of the number 8 has the possibility of success and achieving satisfaction. They are comfortable being their own boss or self-employed.

Owners of the number 8 tend to be less interested in matters other than the material aspects of life. They strive for wealth, but the satisfaction of wealth depends on the balance of their lives.

Number 9

The owner of the number 9 is a person who has a sense of responsibility. They are idealistic and proud of themselves for their high principles, determination, and persistence.

They have great charisma and have the potential to become influential figures in society and are respected by others.

Number 11

People with the number 11 have an instinctive ability that, if developed, can turn it into psychic powers. They are lucky people and this tends to bring about great wealth or talent.

They can concentrate better than most people and so usually do better in school. However, as they mature, they lose the drive for success and can become very spiritual in their outlook. Some of them even make this as their calling in life.

Number 22

The owner of the number 22 must strengthen his creative talents, be honed, and be given freedom. They devote time to planning ideas that often come true.

They have a drive to build and create. So that the owners of number 22 can succeed as property developers.

The owner of the number 22 can be successful in accumulating wealth, but can also channel this power to benefit others.

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