Simple Ways to See/Read Your Own Aura

ZetongiftsAura is a beam of energy around the human body that forms an electromagnetic field. With a simple way without the help of kirlian photos or other electromagnetic devices, we can see and read the colors of our own aura.

The trick is as follows:

  1. Provide a large mirror, sit in front of the mirror with a distance of 1.5 meters.
  2. The background or background wall must be white. Make sure there are no distracting shadows.
  3. Make your body as relaxed as possible, do not move too much or get excited because it can make the aura dim and not appear. Look at our head and shoulder area through the mirror.
  4. Focus your eyes on the background wall that is visible through the mirror, don’t look at yourself.
  5. Shake your body left and right slowly for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. If successful, then within seconds or minutes your aura will appear that radiates around the head and shoulders, reflecting off the wall.

Not every first try will be successful, so we have to practice more and be patient, relax and focus more. If the experiment is successful, the following are the colors of the aura and the meanings of the colors they emit:

Purple: has a strong spiritual mind, but tends to dislike anything old-fashioned.

Green: Likes a calm atmosphere, has an unconscious talent for healing.

Chocolate: Capricious, materialistic.

Blue: A balanced life, relaxed, strong in dealing with various situations, loyal and trustworthy.

Yellow: Craves for freedom, does not like to be tied down, passionate, and friendly.

Oranges:Inspirational, likes to manage people, has good self-confidence, is creative.

Turquoise: Passionate, able to influence people, easily bored but has a good leadership spirit.

White: Indicates a problem such as a serious illness or drug dependence.

Gray: A depiction of the dark side of personality, depression.

Red: Fighting spirit, tough, strong, adventurous and trying new things.

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