TAURUS – BULL (April 21 – May 20)

Zetongifts – Stubborn, Materialistic, Passive, Friendly & Patient, Practical and Loyal, Has a Tolerant Spirit

Lucky Numbers: 12,19,23, 33, 39,41

Lucky Scents: Aroma Honey, Rose, Lily, Wood Oak

Surrounding Planets: Venus

Lucky Flower: Daisy Flower, Violet

Lucky Color: Brown, Green

Lucky Stone: Turquoise (Blue eyed stone)

Lucky Element: Land

Compatible Partner: Scorpio

Taurus is a symbol of certainty and strong will

Taurus usually struggles for inner and outer security. They have great taste in clothes, paintings, antiques and other luxury items. Taurus tastes very high, but tend to be conservative. They really enjoyed the beautiful melodies and music. Tauurs like to help others and don’t get angry easily. They don’t like being pushed around and tend to be stubborn when they’re constantly pressured.

Taurus tends to be loyal, stable and patient, although they can be stubborn at times. They have a good outlook on achieving their goals so they are quite successful. They are persistent in the decisions that have been taken and no one can change their position. Because Taurrs don’t like being pushed around, many call him the Slow.

However, you can trust him to help you out of trouble. They are not the type to break promises and back away from a belief, and they have the stamina and perseverance to stand up to their opponents. The power of Taurus is so great that they don’t fail easily in life.

Taurus Romance

Taurus tends to be quiet and passionate. They try to give the best in their life like soft music, dim lights, and the best wine to accompany them to spend time with their loved ones. Taurus is always direct and doesn’t like to beat around the bush when it comes to love. They try to please you in the hope of getting the same from their partner.

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