The best House Direction According to Feng Shui

Zetongift – Often hear people’s opinions about the feng shui of the north house and so on? If so, surely you are also familiar with information about where a good house is facing.

For some people, this is not a problem. But there are also those who entrust the tradition to have to apply it in real life. Because, they usually believe that there will be positive energy that can be generated from the application of the feng shui of the house itself.

So, what are the reviews about the direction of a good house facing where and other sundries? This time Prospect will discuss it from a feng shui point of view and the cardinal directions in general. Happy reading!

Where does a good house face?

Some people may be wondering, exactly where does a good house face? Basically, in building a house facing any direction does not matter. Because each has advantages and disadvantages.

However, if you want to review it further from each cardinal direction, you should first look at the information on the direction of a good house facing the following direction.

East Facing House

For example, in a house facing east, in the morning (before 09:00), the house will get a lot of direct sunlight and this is very healthy. However, during the afternoon to evening, the house will be hot, especially if the location is in a lowland or urban area.

West Facing House

Meanwhile, in a house facing west, it will usually be hot in the afternoon, at which time the sun is leaning towards the west, so that sunlight and heat enter the house. To overcome this, it would be better if the front of the house was planted with trees. Another thing is the interior of the house that is less healthy.

So if you have a house facing west, it is advisable to make a back door that can be opened in the morning. As we know, the morning sun is very good for the health of the home and family.

South Facing House

Of all the building directions, houses facing south are the most in demand by tropical residents. The reason is, the terrace that tends to be shady will make the front of the house cooler and cooler, making it suitable for relaxing. The right and left sides of the building will also be healthier because they are exposed to a lot of sunlight.

North Facing House

For those who prefer a house facing north, on the terrace of the house will get a lot of supply of healthy morning sunlight. However, it is highly recommended to provide an additional canopy or plant on the terrace of the house so that the sunlight does not disturb the occupants of the house too much.

The back of the house facing north will be very shady, very suitable to be used as a place to relax. While the position of the clothesline, west or east can be chosen according to taste.

Good Residential Directions According to Home Fengshui

Even though we are in an era of increasingly sophisticated technology, we still believe in ancestral traditions, one of which is feng shui. This tradition from Chinese culture is still believed to determine many things, from business, household harmony, health, to the direction of the house according to feng shui.

In Indonesia, feng shui is also a concern for developers. Because they need to determine where a good house faces, the arrangement of the room, the location of the interior layout, to the feng shui of the house according to the zodiac for the harmony of its inhabitants.

So far, south and north facing feng shui houses are considered a good home direction . This relates to the direction of the house when viewed logically. Because if the feng shui of the house faces east or west, it will make the space in the house too hot by exposure to sunlight.

A good house according to feng shui is one that can circulate air, water, sunlight, and has the harmony of metal, earth, wood, water, and fire elements. This applies to every room in the house. The living room is the location in the house that is the most traveled or the most active location in the house. Therefore, to facilitate sustenance, the main room that must be considered is the living room.

Meanwhile, for laying a good bedroom, you should avoid things next to the kitchen. This composition will destroy the harmony of husband-wife relations and family fortune.

Apart from the predictable hockey and disaster factors, this taboo is actually quite reasonable. In addition to having hot air from the stove, the kitchen can also be a source of noise. Both can ignite emotions and create discomfort.

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