The Famous Witcher in History

ZetongiftsWitches have been a scourge for hundreds of years. They are feared so hated. Their existence is recorded in past history in all corners of the world.

In the 16th century, in Europe, especially in England, witches became the most hunted figures. It was King James I who first called for enmity with anything that reeked of the world of magic and the occult.

After he occupied the royal seat, the king released a best-selling book entitled “Daemonologie” which dealt with evil magic .

The king’s obsession and distaste for the wizarding world enabled him to persuade Parliament to enact the Witchcraft Statute. Under the provisions of the statute, people involved in all things magic can be sentenced to death.

Not only that, James I also burned the fire of public anxiety about all things magic and witches. In the decade since the statutes and policies were implemented, many individuals have been accused, arrested, tried, and sentenced to death on charges of engaging in witchcraft.

In addition to England, the hunt for witches continues. Even in modern times, there are still some countries that hunt them with no less gruesome executions.

Here are 4 sadistic executions of witches who are famous throughout the masses.

The Hunt for Scottish Witches

The largest mass hunt in Scottish history spread like wildfire in summer. It all started in a small village in Edinburgh, where 200 people were accused of being witches in just nine months.

Before 1662 ended, a total of 660 people were accused of witchcraft. Reports of how many of these people were actually executed vary. There is strong evidence that only 65 people were brought to justice and executed (and one committed suicide). But some estimates put the number of “witches” killed at 450. Most of them were burned alive.

British judges refuse to prosecute suspected Scottish witches. So as soon as the English left, the Scots executed the witches.

Local church officials also played a role in the hunt. They took the opportunity to rebuild their position as strong players after England left.

The story behind the ending of the  Great Witch Hunt’s Hunt is  very simple. Secular authorities are tired of the panic and hysteria.

A number of suspected witches were released and the people responsible for finding witches were arrested, and no one else was authorized.

Europe’s Greatest Witch Assassination

This was the largest witch trials in Europe that took place from 1581 to 1593. The events started in the rural areas of Trier to the big cities.

The story begins in 1581, when Johann von Schöneburg was appointed bishop of Tier. He considered himself a hardline Jesuit who punished Protestants, Jews, and suspected witches.

The special accuser, inquisitor, notary, jury, judge and police officer dragged the three groups of people to court and tortured them. No matter gender and age.

Some of the defendants who escaped prison were sentenced to be burned, and the victims included several prominent people in the city of Trier (judges, parish priests and rural deans at various college churches and others.

Between 1587 and 1593, 368 people were burned alive for suspected witches in 22 villages. All women. Only two villages left one woman. Nearly a third came from royalty, or held government positions.

Dietrich Flade, chancellor of the University and chief judge of the electoral court, objected to the persecution and especially torture, and for that he himself was arrested, tortured, strangled and then burned.

Another prominent scientist and professor at the University, Cornelius Loos, was jailed and publicly tortured for rejecting the views on witch trials he expressed in a book criticizing the persecution.

His work, as the first Catholic official to publicly oppose witch trials, then raged across Europe. His book was confiscated and banned by Church officials, and the manuscript was lost for nearly 300 years.

Britain’s Three Last ‘Witches’

In 1682, three women from the village of Bideford in Devon became the last people in England to be hanged for witchcraft.

It is not known what Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles, and Susannah Edwards did. They are accused of making local women Grace Thomas and Grace Barnes sick and of plotting to kill them.

Temperance Lloyd is forced to admit that he is dealing with ‘the black man’ or the folklore version of the devil.

Even though all three pleaded guilty during their trial, they were still executed.

“Witch Bideford” hanged at Heavitree outside town.

Even though the wizard Bideford is long dead, their strange case still continues to be debated.

Modern British wizards have taken their fate to heart. They made a plaque to the Bideford Three and even staged a demonstration near the local Exeter Castle, demanding that Temperance, Susannah, and Mary be pardoned posthumously.

Execution of 100 People in Czech

North Moravia, a region that witnessed the sadistic history of witch hunting in the Czech Republic in the mid-17th century.

During that time, hundreds of women were burned at the stake as witches, and a single witch trial could result in over 100 executions.

Tragedy began at a mass when an altar boy noticed an old woman pocketing the communion bread instead of eating it.

When the priest asked the woman what she meant, she explained that the woman would give the bread to the cow to increase her milk production.

The priest took his behavior as a sign of magic and alerted the judge who specializes in the case.

Unfortunately, the justice system at the time actually generated revenue from trials. As judges and courts convict more and more people for public arson, they earn money. As a result, there are many ways to find more “witches” to try and execute.

Their method of finding new victims involves gathering shamans from “concerned citizens”

Eventually, the number of victims increased, so the local authorities began to worry.

With all their might as rulers, they began to exert political pressure on the central government to stop the trial.

This eventually happened, and the people of North Moravia were left to wonder how on Earth they had condoned brutal mass murder for so long.

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