The Lost Continent of Atlantis is Indonesia

Zetongifts – Aryso Santos, a Brazilian scientist concluded in his research conducted for 30 years, that the lost continent of Atlantis was in Indonesia. The civilization of Atlantis is still a mystery to this day. The myth of this civilization was first coined by Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher in 427-347 BC in his book Critias and Timaeus. The book describes the existence of a giant landmass above the Atlantic Ocean with a very stunning civilization.

Above the land there is a palace surrounded by gold walls and a silver fence. Harbors and ships are fully equipped. In addition, there are also objects that can carry humans to fly. However, after various volcanic eruptions, followed by powerful earthquakes, melting ice, and floods, causing part of the earth’s surface to sink. That part is then called the lost continent or Atlantis.

Plato calculated that the sinking of the kingdom of Atlantis occurred approximately 11,150 years ago. He also said that the existence of the Atlantean kingdom had been told from generation to generation. If all that Plato said is true then since 12,000 years ago humans have created civilization.

The question is, where is the kingdom of Atlantis?

The most recent and horrendous research was conducted by Aryso Santos, a scientist from Brazil. For 30 years, he has carried out research written in a book “Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, The Definitive Localization of Plato’s Lost Civilization”.

The results of his research concluded that Atlantis was Indonesia. This is based on 33 comparisons, including area size, weather, natural wealth, volcanoes, and farming methods practiced by the people.

In addition, Santos said that the rice terraced system, the system used by the village community to form Indonesian rice fields, is the form adopted by the Borobudur temple, the Egyptian Pyramids, and ancient Aztec buildings in Mexico. He also believes that in the past Atlantis was a continent that stretched from the southern part of India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, to the east and was centered in Indonesia.

From the theory of Plato and Santos, it turns out that there are some similarities between the two, namely they both believe that Atlantis is part of Indonesia. If it is true that Indonesia is considered the heir of Atlantis, of course it must be grateful for.

Because, Atlantis at that time was the center of world civilization. But the truth of various theories about Atlantis until now has not been tested and is still a mystery throughout time.

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