The Meaning Of Dreams – Good and Bad Dreams

ZetongiftsDreams are subconscious experiences that involve emotions, feelings, thoughts, sight, hearing, and other senses that occur while we are sleeping. Everyone must have dreamed. For some people, dreams are often thought of as sleeping flowers and are sometimes simply ignored. But for some others, dreams are considered as a sign, premonition, or signal of the coming of an event, so the dream must be interpreted or interpreted its meaning.

In ancient civilizations, dreams were always associated with the supernatural world. That is, it is the gods and evil spirits that appear in the dream. Beautiful and happy dreams are interpreted as the presence of a god or God, while nightmares are considered a sign of the presence of evil spirits or demons when we sleep.

Such assumptions began to shift when Aristotle (384-322 BC) expressed his views on dreams. According to Aristotle, dreams are mental activities when a person sleeps. During sleep, the senses can still catch stimuli from outside. The stimulation is then magnified through dreams. For example, when a person is cold, then when he sleeps he can dream of being in the sea of ​​​​snow.

After the death of Aristotle, the interpretation of the meaning of dreams is growing. Which is quite popular is the view of Macrobius and Artemidorus. They divide dreams into two, namely:

  1. Dreams related to the past and present. Here dreams are associated with events before sleep. For example, if during sleep a person is holding back urination, then he may dream that he is in the middle of a flood, and will eventually urinate while sleeping.
  2. Dreams related to the future. In this case, the dream is interpreted to carry a message about events that will occur. Here dreams are divided into three, namely:

Oraculum, is a prophetic dream or dream that carries a message from God.

Visio, is a dream that predicts events that will occur in the future.

Somnium, is a symbolic dream that should be interpreted or interpreted its meaning carefully.

Islamic psychology expert Muhammad Uthman Najati said that dreams are not just a subconscious impulse, but more than that, dreams have meanings which are interpretations of experiences that the spirit gets during human sleep. During sleep, the spirit detaches itself from the body and travels to various places and returns upon awakening. The traveling spirit is in the spirit realm where the laws of space and time and all its dimensions do not apply, and are temporarily free from the impurities of the body and lust, which help the mind to solve problems that make it difficult for it to wake up.

Islamic psychology experts agree that the spirit realm provides unlimited facilities for traveling spirits to interact with the spirits they encounter. The concrete form of this assumption is that many people dream of meeting someone they know who has died in their sleep. This condition is called by the Qur’an as death.

This is as explained in QS. al-Zumar which means: Allah holds the soul (person) when he dies and (holds) the soul (of the person) who has not died while sleeping, so He holds the soul (person) for whom He has determined death and He releases another soul until the appointed time. . Indeed, in that there are signs (greatness) of Allah for a people who think.” (Surat al-Zumar: 42).

In understanding this verse, the commentators agree that the essence of sleep is death because at the time of sleep the human spirit separates from the body and is detained by Allah as befits a dead person. The difference lies in the point of holding pressure. In death the spirit is detained forever and is not returned to the body, while in a state of sleep, the spirit is only temporarily detained and returned by Allah when awake.

From the description above, it is clear that dreams are not only limited to psychological factors, but also as a means of reading messages from the spirit world or messages from God whose form can be in the form of symbols that we encounter in our dreams. In its development, the interpretation, interpretation of dreams, or the meaning of dreams readjust to the conditions, habits, culture, and backgrounds of people who believe in a meaning or symbolization of certain dreams. The meaning or interpretation of the dream is passed down by ancestors and passed down for centuries from generation to generation.

Solution – Coping with the consequences of bad dream interpretation

If you dream of something that can be bad for you and your family (such as dreams of missing teeth, etc.) you are expected to do the following things to overcome them:

Take a broom skewer (can also be a toothpick, small bamboo, etc.). Then cut or break with your hands into 7 (seven) sticks, small, about 3 centimeters. Prepare a piece of paper or tissue. Prepare a little table salt. Put the pieces of the seven skewers and table salt into a tissue or paper. Fold the paper and bury it in the ground (your yard, your backyard). The sentence that you should say when going to bury/bury the paper (which contains 7 pieces of broom skewers and salt) is a sentence that asks the Almighty to stay away from the bad consequences of your dreams.

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