The Mystery Story of Mexico’s Doll Island

Zetongifts – Have you ever heard of the Island of Dolls in Mexico that presents a spooky experience for its visitors?

can be more intertwined if the doll is really treated like a human. Like at least being fed twice a day and invited to communicate or play. So what if the thousands of spirit dolls are in a special place? That’s what happened in Mexico. A remote island in Mexico is home to thousands of dolls. The place is even referred to as an exotic or alternative tourist attraction for those who like mystical things.

Home to Thousands of Spirit Dolls

The island, called Isla de las Munecas or Island of the Dolls, can only be accessed by boat via the Xochimilco canal. The island is located 28 km south of Mexico City. Isle de las Munecas is part of the Aztec city, which is a canal and an artificial island about two hours from the Mexican capital.

A few days after the discovery of the body, Barrera is told to find the doll in the place where the woman’s body was found. Barrera hung the doll from a tree as a sign of respect. After that incident, Barrera was told that he often saw the appearance of women around the island. Therefore he started hanging other dolls in order to ward off evil spirits.

It attracted the attention of the people around. Donations of dolls to hang began to flow. For approximately 50 years Barrera hung dolls in various locations and places on the island. Until finally he died in 2001. Barrera drowned in the canal that had surrounded his residence. There is a story that developed Barrera drowned in the same location as the young woman he had found.

As time goes by, the hanging dolls turn obsolete and even spooky. Dolls are on different sides of the island. Some are on trees, stuck to walls, on rocks, some even seem to be on a swing. It even makes Doll Island become one of the tourist attractions in Mexico City. Tourists who visit the island often leave their dolls to add to the existing dolls. You dare to go there?

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