The Mystery Story of Mount Semeru

Zetongifts – Here is the mystery story of Mount Semeru which is one of the highest mountains on the island of Java. Mount Semeru is located between Malang Regency and Lumajang Regency, East Java. It is known, Mount Semeru is one of 18 active volcanoes on the island of Java.

Having a height of 3,676 meters above sea level, Mount Semeru not only saves its natural beauty, but also a number  of mystery stories .

Female Ghost in Lake Ranu Kumbolo

Ranu Kumbolo is a lake which is one of the favorite spots for climbers. Panorama of the lake with clear water, of course, will spoil your eyes when you are at Ranu Kumbolo .

However, there is a  mystery story of Mount Semeru located at Ranu Kumbolo , namely there is a female ghost who often appears on a full moon night.

This ghost is known to always be seen wearing yellow clothes, and is said to be a guardian goddess.

Noishing at Ranu Kumbolo

There is a myth that says that one should not fish at Ranu Kumbolo . Although known for its clarity, Ranu Kumbolo lake does have various types of fish, including goldfish.

For climbers who are on Mount Semeru, or anyone else is prohibited from fishing because they are afraid that it will cause things that are not desirable. People believe that the goldfish in Ranu Kumbolo is the incarnation of the goddess.

Rise of Love

Not far from Ranu Kumbolo , there is an incline that is not too high, the name of the climb is the climb of love.

There is a myth circulating, whoever manages to climb the incline of this love without resting or looking back, then his hope of love will come true.

Arcopodo, Statue of the Mysterious Warrior

Arcopodo is a mystery story of Mount Semeru which is quite famous. Arcopodo itself is 2 statues that are known to be the incarnation of the soldiers of the Majapahit kingdom.

Only people who have a 6th sense can find the statue on Mount Semeru. Until now, it is not known exactly how big the statue is.

Possession in Kelik

The next myth and mystery from Mount Semeru is that there is always a trance in Kelik. Kelik is one of the areas on Mount Semeru. At first glance, this area does look ordinary.

But what makes Kelik called a haunted area on Mount Semeru is because there are many cases of trance.

Blank Skull Zone 75 Mount Semeru

In this area known as the death zone, there are frequent missing climbers and accidents. If you want to climb the peak of Mount Semeru, you will indeed pass through the blank skull zone 75 that awaits this.

This zone on Mount Semeru is famous for being very steep and bordered by ravines. The name blank 75 itself is known to be the depth of the abyss as deep as 75 meters.

Ghosts on Mount Semeru

At the beginning of passing through Mount Semeru, you will pass a bridge made of wood. The position of this bridge tends to be shady with lots of trees.

It is said that there is a mystery about the appearance of subtle beings that often appear on the bridge on Mount Semeru.

Peak of Mount Semeru

The peak of Mount Semeru is called Mahameru, the highest mountain peak on the island of Java turns out to have a myth . The myth is the existence of the gods at the top of Mount Semeru.

According to the elders, if you see the appearance of a god at the top of Mount Semeru, then you must be willing to meditate for months on this mountain.

Mount Semeru is considered the Great Father by the Balinese people

The story about Mount Semeru is believed to be the Great Father by the Balinese people. That’s why, the people of Bali always perform religious rituals every 8 to 12 years.

In addition to Mount Semeru, Balinese people also often visit Mount Bromo to get holy water.

That’s information about the mystery story of Mount Semeru which is one of the highest mountains on the island of Java.

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