The Sixth Sense Activation Ritual

Zetongifts – The Sixth Sense is essentially a gift from the Creator that is given to everyone. The sixth sense can help us to better understand the problems we are facing, and determine the best solution for each problem. But because in everyday life we ​​are accustomed to using reason and logical reasoning in solving life’s problems, the function of this sixth sense is increasingly dimming, it can even disappear altogether.

The following is a ritual on how to reactivate our sixth sense through meditation techniques.

  1. Sit on a carpet or bed, and it is advisable not to lean back while undergoing this stage of the exercise, because in this exercise we will try to generate energy in the back.
  2. Close both eyes and condition the body in a relaxed position, throw away all the burdens that are in the mind, and turn off all feelings in the five senses.
  3. Visualize a yellowish white light radiating from the heart. The longer the beam grew, the brighter it became. Feel that the light brings calm and peace until it gets brighter and bigger as if it envelops the body. Keep this visualization for a while.
  4. While still maintaining the above visualization, visualize above your head, slowly a white cloud appears. Visualize the white clouds entering little by little through the crown to the heart while maintaining the above visualization.
  5. While maintaining the above visualization, visualize a beam of greenish light shining brightly in front of you. Imagine this light entering the head through the point between the eyes. At the same time, draw a reddish glow coming out of the head. Do as much as possible this exercise.
  6. While still maintaining all the above visualizations, imagine that there is an orange light shining brightly from the back and covering the entire back area.
  7. Combine the visualizations of the various rays. Maintain this visualization state for up to 30 minutes. Do this kind of exercise at least 3 times a week.

The more often we practice, slowly our bodies and feelings will be trained to be able to feel the vibrations of the sixth energy and we will become more sensitive to all the signs sent by our subconscious.

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