This Mantra Makes the Body Healthier

Zetongifts Р Everyone knows the benefits of drinking water are not only relieving thirst, but water has its own functions and strengths to maintain a healthy body. Even this cardiologist from India recommends the Water Mantra to everyone.

Dr. Anuj Shrivastav, popularized this mantra based on his findings. He said that people who obey the water mantra in their daily lives are less likely to go to the doctor.

In a two-minute video, Dr Shrivastav mentions three simple things about this water mantra:

Drink a liter of water in the morning

Dr Shrivastav says to drink water as soon as possible when you wake up. “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t brushed your teeth, because drinking alkaline water in your mouth will dissolve itself and dissolve minerals that are good for the stomach,” he said.

Drink a cup of warm water 40 minutes after eating

Drinking warm water 40 minutes after eating can help shed all the dirt and fat in the intestines.

Drink water while sitting

Dr Shrivastav said, “According to Ayurveda, drinking water¬† while standing can create imbalances in the body and cause various problems.”

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