Uncovering the Secret of Luck

Zetongifts – In physics, the law of conservation of energy is known which reads, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy only changes form.”. Energy is always changing, going in and out of form. The genius scientist Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity which was formulated E = mc².

From this formula it can be seen that mass is nothing but frozen energy, while energy is matter that is liberated. Mass / matter and energy are the same or equivalent, the difference only lies in their temporary state. Everything in the universe, even though it appears to be matter, is actually a manifestation of energy.

So far people have understood that luck is something that happens by chance, suddenly or cannot be planned. Although there is some truth to it, it is not absolutely true. There are no coincidences in this world. Everything happens on the basis of God’s nature of justice which is accurate, precise, mathematical, impartial and impartial. It is the duty of man to be able to learn and understand how the laws of the universe work.

This universe was created and moved by divine energy.

God is the source and origin of all energy and matter in this universe. God is actually the goal of all the movement of energy and matter in this universe. Misfortune and good luck are the manifestation of energy. Nothing is lost for free in this world. Everything will turn back and create a cycle. If you want luck to always come to your life, then always keep the energy of positive thoughts, feelings and actions, so that it produces positive things too.

Anxiety, fear and worry turned out to be the biggest obstacle in realizing good luck. Regarding luck, there is a concept called Mestakung (Universal Support). In physics known as Critical Phenomenon (Critical Phenomena) where there is a self-regulation process that occurs in a critical condition. The Mestakung concept teaches that in a critical condition everything will unite and work together in order to get out of the critical condition. In this sense, if we can unite all physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual efforts then a critical condition is created that can create a breakthrough, explosion, luck, even a miracle. The entire Universe will help and support us in the process. in the language of Joe Vitale, ”

In psychology, this is known as the Pygmalion effect. This effect is a self-evident prophecy due to the enormous trust factor. What we believe is what will happen. The Pygmalion effect proves that everything starts with the mind. A person becomes healthy or sick also because of the mind. Thoughts can bring good or bad in one’s life.

It is from that thought that one’s destiny is determined. People who tend to have positive thoughts in their lives will have a high probability of getting lucky. But people who are always filled with negative thoughts, then bad luck and bad luck will always accompany them. It’s the same with the Law of Attraction, that like things attract like things.

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