The Famous Witcher in History

Zetongifts – Witches have been a scourge for hundreds of years. They are feared so hated. Their existence is recorded in past history in all corners of the world. In the 16th century, in Europe, especially in England, witches became the most hunted figures. It was King James I who first called for enmity with … Read more

This Mantra Makes the Body Healthier

Zetongifts –  Everyone knows the benefits of drinking water are not only relieving thirst, but water has its own functions and strengths to maintain a healthy body. Even this cardiologist from India recommends the Water Mantra to everyone. Dr. Anuj Shrivastav, popularized this mantra based on his findings. He said that people who obey the … Read more

Uncovering the Secret of Luck

Zetongifts – In physics, the law of conservation of energy is known which reads, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy only changes form.”. Energy is always changing, going in and out of form. The genius scientist Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity which was formulated E = mc². From this formula it … Read more

Exercises To Increase Mind Power

Zetongifts – There are many techniques to increase mind power. Even a simple habit like asking a few important questions at any time can actually sharpen your brain. A question or just filling in a puzzle makes you think more productively. But there is one approach that you may be able to try that is … Read more

How to Send Messages Through Dreams

Zetongifts – Practice of sending messages through dreams is an attempt to communicate remotely with other people. This happens because of the fact that the human mind is interconnected by brain waves in a subjective dimension and can influence each other. Subjective communication is carried out without meeting the target directly or from a distance. … Read more