Feng Shui : Mistakes in House Position

Zetongifts – The position of the house according to feng shui is a guide for some people in designing a residence. If you also believe in feng shui, check out some layout and furniture mistakes here!

Feng shui is a topographical science from China that believes in how humans relate to heaven (astronomy) and earth (geography).

Feng shui is believed to help improve life and reduce the presence of negative energy in the house.

Therefore, if you make a mistake when designing a room, it can make the house have an unexpected negative energy.

For that, let’s find out what are the mistakes in designing and placing furniture that are often done without realizing it.

5 Errors in the Location of Furniture & House Positions According to Fengshui

In addition to the position or layout of the room in the house, the location of the furniture also has an important role to balance life with the universe.

So, before designing buildings and furniture at home, it’s a good idea to first determine the zoning of the space needed and adjust it according to feng shui.

Here are some mistakes in placing furniture and room positions that often occur.

Misplaced Water Features

Having a water feature in your home is a great way to increase the water element in your home.

Water is believed to attract positive energy to bring sustenance.

Even so, adding water features in every area of ​​the house should not be done.

The reason is, water will also attract the positive energy it has.

Avoid presenting water features such as fountains , fish ponds or aquariums in the bedroom as this can risk becoming an element of disaster.

Front Door Leads to Back Door

The front door which is opposite the back door is feared to prevent positive energy from entering the room.

Its opposite position makes it easy for positive energy to just exit through the back door.

In addition, this position also creates a very heavy flow of air in and out and does not rotate, so the placement of this type of door is considered not good for the house.

Place the Bedroom Above the Garage

The master bedroom which is positioned above the garage of the house is believed to have a bad effect in feng shui.

Garage is a room where there is movement in and out of vehicles.

The bedroom above the garage has a volatile energy that makes it difficult to sleep well.

Guest Chair

The next mistake is to place the chair in the living room with your back to the entrance or window area.

This can provide less energy for the occupants of the house.

Instead, place the guest chair facing the door or window.

This placement can make you safer because you can monitor people who want to access your home.

Mirror Facing the Bed

In feng shui, placing a mirror facing the bed is a mistake.

The reason is, the mirror not only reflects the image, but also the positive energy and negative energy in a person’s body.

When awake, the body’s awareness and strength have not fully recovered, the body is easily affected by negative energy through the reflection of the mirror.

So you should avoid placing a mirror facing the bed.

Place the mirror next to the bed or on the other side where the bed is not visible in the mirror.

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