Feng Shui : Smooth Business and Affairs

ZetongiftsFeng shui residence is a basic thing that is also considered, especially when you have a new residence. For reference, see the points here!

Ater a long search for your dream home, you can finally be relieved that you have found it.

But on the other hand, changing places of residence and living in your dream house can be both fun and worrying at the same time.

The reason is, you may face new things and not know what the environment around your new home will be like.

When you have found a new home location later, even though it is still under construction, you should still think positively.

Like the basic things that are suggested from the feng shui side of the house, you can study them as a reference.

This should not be used as the main benchmark, just a source of inspiration for the house.

Solve Problems at Home

According to residential feng shui, your new home should be neatly conditioned and free of problems.

If you are at home or rented, you still have problems…

… it’s best to solve it first so that the problem does not carry over to occupy your new home later.

Because according to feng shui, bringing problems into a new home is not a good thing.

Sort Items

Have a good relationship with every item you have positive energy that will carry over into the new home.

Therefore, it is very important for you to sort the existing items, especially in the furniture section.

Sorting items for decoration should be chosen based on what will be used or not.

However, there are several residences that have prepared decorations such as a garden in front of the house.

Whatever type of luggage is available, home feng shui advises to appear organized by sorting the

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Adjust the Position of the Bedroom

One of the most important parts of a house is the bedroom.

According to feng shui, the bedroom must be arranged and designed according to the rules.

The bedroom must be arranged and designed according to feng shui rules.

There’s nothing wrong with trying in a new place of residence now as a reference.

Forget the Old House

You have to focus on the new house that will be occupied so that negative energy is removed.

In addition, you also have to prepare your favorite room in the new house so you forget the old one.

Kitchen as an Energy Center

As one of the energy centers, the kitchen in a new home certainly requires special attention…

So that the whole house gets positive energy.

Bring some fresh herbs into the kitchen in your new home, make a cup of aromatic tea.

After that, fill the bowl with colorful fruit as a form of expressing the energy of joy.

Make sure the bathroom is leak-free

Making sure the bathroom is well maintained and leak-free is very important in the world of feng shui.

The reason is, this is closely related to the sustenance of its residents.

Faulty light bulbs, leaking water, and other damage to the bathroom, adversely affect the yin and dan balance.

Therefore, this must be corrected immediately.

Place Plants in the Entrance Area

Keeping plants in the entrance area is another feng shui trick to try.

Plants are believed to be able to bring positive energy into the house.

So that makes the residents feel more alive and excited.

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