Latest Facts About Chinese New Year

ZetongiftsChinese New Year is the maximum extensive of all of the Chinese holidays. Chinese human beings from everywhere in the global unite collectively of their lifestyle as they spend 15-day birthday birthday celebration with their New Years.

There are masses of feasts, decorations, and exciting symbolism that pertains to the records of the vacation and their choice for right success. Here are a few records approximately the Chinese New Year we need to realize approximately:


The Chinese New Year can alternate date each different 12 months. This is due to the fact the Chinese primarily based totally their celebrations with the aid of using the use of the lunar calendar that is a 10-month lunar calendar. It generally falls among January 21 and February 20. It marks the start of the primary month withinside the Chinese lunar calendar.

For every 12 months, the calendar of the Chinese is diagnosed with the aid of using one of the 12 animals in principle astrology. It may be one most of the 12 such as: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. Each of those zodiac animals all has their very own particular importance withinside the Chinese astrology.

Time Frame

The Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days. It begins offevolved with the Lunar New 12 months and ends with the Lantern Festival that is executed withinside the fifteenth evening. Each of these 15 days has additionally has a particular importance for the Chinese.

There is a particular day for touring and honoring the aged family, welcoming the Chinese gods, an afternoon for prayers, an afternoon to live domestic and now no longer touring, an afternoon to visit the market, to have reunions, and touring and eating with the family. All of these obligations need to best be executed withinside the particular day. This is likewise blanketed with their traditions.


During the Chinese New Year, human beings supply crimson packets of cash as a present for his or her more youthful pals and relatives. They say that it’s going to deliver success to the givers in the event that they observe this lifestyle. Lots of fireworks and firecrackers may be heard in the course of the Chinese New 12 months.

They say that those will force away the evil spirits from the preceding 12 months. That way, they could begin with a sparkling and New Year peacefully. There also are dragon and lion dances, banners, floral decorations, crimson lanterns, and plenty of greater withinside the fifteenth day. The whole Chinese network will celebration and have a good time collectively in a totally colourful way.


Although all of us realize the Chinese New Year is widely known in China alone, it’s far now being celebrated everywhere in the global. Almost in each a part of the global, there may be a Chinese network.

There are Chinese human beings residing withinside the Unites States and Canada, and additionally with China’s neighboring nations like Nepal, Vietnam, Korea, and the relaxation of South East Asia.

Those are the exciting records approximately Chinese New Year. There are different records approximately China which additionally relates with their traditions. It will take us quite a few getting to know to realize all of them due to the fact there are so many.

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